Jurgen Klopp Insists He's Planning Long Anfield Stay as Pressure Mounts Following Defensive Woes

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Jurgen Klopp has hit back at his detractors and critics who have suggested that he could find himself in danger of losing his job if Liverpool's defensive woes continue. 

The Reds have been soft at the back yet against this season but, as they prepare to face Huddersfield on Saturday afternoon, the German insisted that he was intending to stick around at Anfield for the long-term. 

Speaking in his press conference ahead of the game, he said: "I got so many messages saying, 'Don't listen to the pundits'. People think maybe I'm not the right one any more and stuff like this. Inside nobody thinks it. Not the owners and not me. 

"OK, we can try again like two years ago and get a new manager but the problems are always the same. I know I am 100 per cent responsible for all this. People think that one day you lost a half a brain or whatever. I don't think I am the problem."

Klopp also leapt to Dejan Lovren's defence after substituting him in the first half for an erratic display against Spurs, saying: "He's a Liverpool player and that's how I treat him, as a member of the family. I've much more positive things to think about with him than negative. 

"We cannot talk about the same things as other people do, that this one or that one is not good enough. They are good enough. As a team we have to work really hard on the detail, which we did this week. It is not playing about home or away.

"We all have Tottenham in our minds - the first two goals I am thinking, 'What? It's impossible'. But if we ignore that game and City then we'll say we've defended well. The City result looks s*** but we were on their level. One situation at Newcastle: one goal with one mistake."