Legend Diego Godin Claims Atleti Fans 'Are Better Than Trophies' After Surpassing Appearance Record

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Diego Godin and former teammate Luis Perea have been playing for different clubs for the past five years - ever since the latter moved to Cruz Azul in 2012 - but still have a lot in common. 

They have both set records for appearances at Spanish club Atletico Madrid, and, especially, they share the same love for Atleti, as fans and not just players. 


In a video interview with Marca, which was set up to honour Godin, who recently surpassed Perea's number of appearances with Atletico, the pair declared to have become actual supporters of the club.

“Neither of us joined the clubs as fans but what we experienced here has changed that," Godin revealed. “It has been due to the affection of the fans, who were always wonderful and that means a lot more than any title or trophy.”

After joining Atletico in 2010 from Villareal, Godin has contributed to his club's successes for more than 300 times, and so has Perea, who is now retired. 

The two friends have plenty of memories to share, like, for example, Godin's debut with Atletico.

"I remember my first game as if it was yesterday. I shared with Perea, against Inter in the European Super Cup, and won a title. How to forget. We played with four centre-backs, with Ujfalusi and Dominguez on the sides," he added.

It is Pera himself who declared to be "full of pride at passing the torch" to the Uruguayan, who said that surpassing his close friend was "a great honour".


They both remember most vividly their games at Camp Nou, and believe that playing against Barcelona brought the best memories. 

“The day we won La Liga is my most cherished moment at the club,” said Godin. “On a personal level I have enjoyed better performances but the goal and the title were special moments.”