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VIDEO: Leo Messi Doppelganger Leaves Barca Fans Speechless and Nou Camp Security Confused


Reza Parastesh, an Iranian doppelganger of Lionel Messi, took to the streets of Catalonia to have some fun with the local Barcelona fans.

In an amazing video on Ruptly TV, Parastesh can be seen getting flocked by supporters who are sure they're taking a picture with the real Barcelona icon.

One fan said: "I thought that this guy was Leo, he is identical. He is the best, he is God, he is Messi, gentlemen! He is Argentinian! I love you, Leo!"

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"Well it looks incredible to me, I came running to him to take a picture thinking it really was him, and... he really looks like him. It's so funny. My daughter kept asking me 'is it him?' and I said 'I don't think so,'" another fan told Ruptly TV.

Seeing fans' excitement at thinking they've met their hero is certainly an amusing thing to watch, however, Parastesh walking through the gates at the Camp Nou provides us with one of the best moments in the whole video. 

After having his ticket checked, Parastesh began to walk up to the security guard for a body search. 

Whilst making the short journey, the security guard can be seen briefly catching a glimpse of the Messi doppelganger before having to take a second look to see if it was actually Messi.