By 90Min
October 29, 2017

There may be some changes to A.J. Hinch's bullpen management, but the team is once again going strong with their lineup for Game 5 of the World Series.

Hinch had made no changes in Games 3 or 4, and the same goes for Game 5.

Houston will be facing Clayton Kershaw, another left-hander, so there was little reason for Hinch to tinker with his offense. However, we do know one change is coming.

Ken Giles will not be Hinch's closer in Game 5.

You can't blame the guy. Giles has made seven postseason appearances and has given up runs in six of them. That is certainly not what a closer does, and now with each and every World Series game being as close as humanely possible, the Astros cannot afford to have a shaky back end of the bullpen.

We'll see if the Astros can get back on track tonight. Their starting pitching has done the job, and now it's time for the lineup and bullpen to rebound in a critical Game 5 matchup, which will be Houston's final home game.

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