Kieran Gibbs Insists Team Is Still Fighting for Manager Tony Pulis Despite Poor Run of Form

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Following a poor run of results for West Brom, left-back Kieran Gibbs has come out in defence of his manager Tony Pulis, saying that the Welshman still has the full support of the dressing room despite a run of form which has seen them slide to 15th in the table. 

“It’s still really early in the season and there’s no reason for anyone to be behaving like that,” Gibbs said. “The effort is there with the team. Everyone is relaxed and enjoying being competitive in training in the week and giving 100 per cent in the games."


The Baggies haven't picked up a win since August, failing to get over the line in their last nine games in all competitions - despite running Leicester and Watford close in recent weeks. 

“Results haven’t gone our way in the last few weeks," Gibbs admitted. "I don’t think the results reflect the performances in some games, but in some we haven’t been good enough individually. I think we need to close off a few games, like Watford and Leicester.

“When you go in front it’s important to remain focused for 90 minutes.”

This poor run was not helped at the weekend as they came up against Pep Guardiola's rampant City side - with the former Arsenal man admitting that he saw first hand why they are top of the league.

“It goes to show why no-one has got near them so far because they are a very strong side,” he added.

“There were some moments which could have changed the game but that’s the way it goes. I’m sure if we keep fighting I’m sure those chances will come for us. They kept us pinned back for quite a while. They are technically very good. Clever with the way they position themselves and quick over a short space."

“They make it very difficult to get the ball and a chance of getting out. They rely heavily on that.

Sometimes when you get momentum going and get in behind them you can see a few vulnerabilities. But they work so hard to avoid getting into that situation that it’s hard to get them on the back foot.”