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Steve Kerr Spits Fire Comment at NBA Over Draymond Green Fine


In case you didn't watch the Golden State Warriors-Washington Wizards matchup Friday night or weren't on social media, you missed a doozy.

Towards the tail end of the second quarter, Warriors enforcer Draymond Green and Wizards guard Bradley Beal got into a skirmish. This led to the other players on the court rushing over to break up the fight. Both players ended up getting themselves ejected from the game.

On early Sunday afternoon, the NBA announced that it had fined Beal $50,000, while Green received a $25,000 fine.

Though Green received a lesser penalty than Beal, that didn't stop Warriors head coach Steve Kerr from speaking his mind. Kerr did not understand why Green got fined, "...for getting attacked."

Shoot your shot, Steve!

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It is not uncommon for head coaches to come to the aid of their players, so this is not necessarily a surprise. From looking at the film, Beal did seem to be the instigator of the fight.  

We must not forget, of course, that Green has a history of getting involved in on-court confrontations with his opponents. After claiming that Beal struck him multiple times, this was Green's reply:

"I don't know what I'm supposed to do if someone hits you twice.... What was I supposed to do?"

Regardless, Kerr is not happy about the official decision, and he could go to the league for an explanation.

If he does, I hope someone has a tape recorder nearby.