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VIDEO: These Hands Clap Ref Clips From Pats-Chargers Game Are Hilarious


Sometimes we get something perfect out of something very, very stupid. 

On Sunday, when Travis Benjamin decided to field a punt and run back towards his own end zone, promptly getting tackled for a safety, it was pretty dumb. He essentially gifted the Patriots an easy two points in a game they wound up winning by eight.

However, we're the real winners here as we got this incredible clip out of it, made by DJ Bean on Twitter. 

Yes, that is two refs making a safety call at exactly the same time set to Yeah by Usher ft Lil Jon and Ludacris.

But that's not the only clip made out of this:

This one took some editing, too!

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Then finally, the Friends theme:

Unfortunately, this is the last video he made because this probably could have gone on forever. Have a song with clapping in it? Then set it to the clapping refs. It's simple.

First Yeah, then I Believe In a Thing Called Love and finally the Friends theme. A pretty good three for three if those are the only ones he chose. 

Finally, here's the original boneheaded play by Benjamin:

While it's unclear exactly what Benjamin was trying to do here, we're glad he did it because we got the incredible simultaneous ref clap out of it. 

Hopefully some other brave soul will set this to music soon too.