VIDEO: Watch Astros Fan Steal World Series Home Run Ball From His Friend and Chuck it Back

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An instant classic.

A back-and-forth nail-biter.

The kind of game that pits brother against brother, friend against friend. No matter whether you're an Astros fan, Dodgers rooter, or casual supporter of the ridiculous dinger convention that is baseball, you're on the edge of your seat for Game 5.

And if that seat's in home run territory in Houston, odds are you caught one. But don't be this guy.

One Astros fan watched his buddy's wife snag a home run ball, then immediately wrestled it away and THREW IT BACK.

My friend, you could have SOLD THAT. For REAL MONEY.

This game may never end, but one friendship in the Crawford Boxes sure did.

Don't worry, though. With the juiced balls fully in play, I'm sure this Texan hero's wife will get another crack at one.