'Exemplary' Gerard Pique Finds Unlikely Real Madrid Ally Amid Catalan Independence Crisis

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Gerard Pique's behaviour regarding the political crisis in Spain has been "exemplary", according to Spain captain Sergio Ramos.

The Real Madrid skipper has come to the defence of his international compatriot over Pique's comments concerning the Catalonia independence tensions of recent weeks.

Pique was booed during the October international break by Spain's supporters after voicing his support for Catalonia's desire to break away from the rest of the country but, in quotes published by FourFourTwo, Ramos explained why he didn't consider the centre-back's comments to be over the top.


He said: "It (the politiking) hurts the national team. I like to enjoy the scenery, the environment... the only thing I always say as captain of the national team is that we must be aware of our every move.

"Pique's behaviour has always been exemplary despite what others may think."

Pique went on record revealing that he could call time on his international career with La Roja if his home county of Catalonia became its own independent nation, which did little to appease those who were already rallying against him.

The 30-year-old has surprisingly found an ally in Ramos, however, and it is a relationship which is all the curiouser considering the pair never saw eye-to-eye until a few years ago.

That is according to Ramos anyway, who stated that the duo only struck up some form of friendship recently after many years of just playing alongside each other for the good of the national team.

He said: "If you compare it with the old relationship we had, I tell you that today we get along quite well. Before there was almost no relationship.

"We respected each other because we played together and we knew that together we were one of the best centre-back pairings in the world.

"When you are growing and maturing you leave aside things that you previously gave importance to and do not have now. That has made the relationship better."