Ezekiel Elliott's Suspension Upheld Pending Appeal

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Cowboys fans aren't going to be happy about this decision.

After a bevy of appeals lasting the last few months, it appears (for now) that the Ezekiel Elliott suspension has been upheld. The federal judge's ruling does come with the understanding that the NFLPA has 24 hours to appeal.

If the players' association doesn't decide to appeal, Zeke will still receive a six-game ban. But for now, it's likely this process will continue at least another 24-hours. 

If, IF, Elliott's suspension is upheld through all of this, he'll miss some crucial games, including matchups with three playoff contenders.

24 hours is a very short timetable for the NFLPA is get a case ready for a possible appeal, especially with the league's lawyers doing similar homework tonight.

If Elliott is forced to miss those games, there will be two clear favorites in the NFC.

The real question, however, is when will this saga end? And is the NFL willing to cut a deal with Elliott to avoid another court battle altogether?

We'll have to wait until Tuesday (which also happens to be trade deadline day) to find out.