Respect and admiration for Pep Guardiola and his squad of young talents was not enough for Dani Alves, who, this summer, could have become the new Manchester City right-back, but instead accepted a job in Paris. 

By 90Min
November 04, 2017

Respect and admiration for Pep Guardiola and his squad of young talents was not enough for Dani Alves, who, this summer, could have become the new Manchester City right-back, but instead accepted a job in Paris. 

In an interview with FourFourTwo, the Brazilian star, who, in his 16-year-long career, won three Champions League cups, six La Liga titles and one Italian Scudetto, revealed the main factors which influenced his decision behind last summer's move to Paris-St-Germain after only one season at Juventus. 

“It was a combination of a few factors. I have many friends at PSG, my partner had lived in Paris and she adores the city, and the club has huge ambition to evolve and get bigger.

“Sure, I was hypnotised by the idea of working with Pep Guardiola once more. I was hypnotised by it and not looking around me at all of the other options available."

Dani Alves and Pep Guardiola have known each other for quite a while, having won together three La Liga titles, two Champions League and two Copa del Rey cups. 


Yet trusting his instinct to put his career before his affections had already proven a mistake, and Alves did not intend to repeat it: "I had already taken the decision to join Juventus without looking around first and it kind of harmed some people close to me. It wasn’t very easy to find a flight from Turin to see my kids in Barcelona. For my partner it was also harder to find work – there were not as many job opportunities for her in Turin.

“There were lots of things to consider, and they drove me to PSG. Guardiola was the main reason, above all others, that I was considering going to play for Manchester City. In the end, there was an opportunity to join some very good friends at PSG, in an incredible city and at a club that has great potential. I know I can help to add some positive things to this club that go beyond football. "

Manchester City fans won't see him play alongside Kyle Walker and Kevin de Bruyne this year, but there's still hope: “It made more sense for me to pick Paris over Manchester on this occasion, but I don’t hide my admiration for Pep and my will to play in the Premier League in the future."

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