By 90Min
November 05, 2017

Juventus sporting director Beppe Marotta has discussed the club's ongoing issues with star players Paulo Dybala and Alex Sandro, with the pair currently under scrutiny due to their perceived attitudes.

Both players were recently criticised by manager Max Allegri, having their commitment questioned. But Marotta has moved to reassure the players, seemingly empathising with them as they go through a difficult period.

Dybala's last two substitutions left him visibly angry, but the director claims that the Argentinian has responded strongly despite the weight of the expectations on his shoulders, also revealing that Sandro is being coaxed back into form.

“Dybala is giving a strong response, but perhaps people are asking things of him that are difficult for someone his age," he told Mediaset Premium (H/T Football Italia).

“The club has a daily rapport with the Coach and the locker room. We only intervene when it’s an extraordinary situation and I don’t believe this was. It was a player who was irritated at leaving the pitch and not scoring goals, but that was it.

“It happens in the career of a player to have a drop in form, for reasons that are indecipherable, but we are trying to stay close to Alex Sandro and work out how he can get back to giving his best.

“Selfishly, we are happy that Gonzalo Higuain is not called up by Argentina, as it saves on the journeys and stress, but on the other hand we realise it’s the dream of every player to represent his country every time.”

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