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November 06, 2017

Leonardo Bonucci's decision to leave Juventus over the summer left a lot of football fans stunned at the Bianconeri for allowing their star defender to move away from Turin.

However, Juve's CEO, Giuseppe Marotta, has revealed that it is standard procedure for the club to sell any player who doesn't want to wear their famous shirt, according to Domenica Sportiva (via Football Italia).

"Bonucci is a top player,” Marotta said. "It’s definitely been a difficult transition for him, but I think you have to evaluate his teammates too.

"Football is a team game, an individual can add value but I think the collective is the important thing. At Juventus we hope they can become competitive, then we’ll try to beat them.

"Why did we sell Bonucci? Because we know very well that choices are primarily made by the players, so they’re the architects of their own destiny," Marotta claimed. 

"Bonucci made a decision, and Juventus don’t hold on to players who express the will to leave.

Giuseppe Bellini/GettyImages

"Bonucci was our player and he did really well with us. It was probably his personal ambition which led to him to make this choice, and we have to respect that."

Bonucci completed a €42m move to AC Milan in July, being appointed captain at San Siro immediately.

The Rossoneri, who beat Sassuolo 2-0 at the weekend, have found this season difficult and are currently sat in seventh place in Serie A. Fiorentina the only team in the top half of the table with more defeats after 12 games.

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