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November 08, 2017

AC Milan striker Andre Silva has revealed why he opted to pursue a career in football and how he established himself as a striker.

The Portuguese international made the switch to Italy in the summer in a €38m move from Porto, and has since scored four goals in ten appearances.

In an interview with Dugout, the 22-year-old spoke of his early days as a player and his path to the top of the game.


"When I was a child I played several sports," he said. "I liked sports like karate and swimming, which I started when I was ten. I also played roller hockey.

"I was always very competitive, I like to win. I like adrenaline and that's the case for all the sports that I played.

"The truth is that I chose football because it's a sport for everyone. It's the people's sport so it was easier to play at school."

Emilio Andreoli/GettyImages

Asked about his position, Silva said: "Before arriving at Porto I played in the midfield, then I played as a winger. When I arrived at Porto Mister Joao put me as a central striker.

"I can't say that I was happy because I thought that I wasn't able to play in that role. I thought that I was better as an external striker. Through playing things improved and I reached my current level."

And there was little doubt as to which team remains in the heart of Silva, despite his recent exit. "My favourite team is Porto," he added.

"I grew up there and I must thank them. But now I'm happy at AC Milan and I'll do my best for the club. "

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