By 90Min
November 08, 2017

It's quite easy to be both vain and brilliant if you pay Lionel Messi's wages and he's won you several trophies.

In fact, it's much harder to not be.

JOSEP LAGO/GettyImages

The prolific Argentinian will certainly go down in history as one of the very best to ever participate in any sport, let alone football. And Barcelona, the club he has spent the better part of his life playing for, don't appear to be shy when it comes to putting him on display.

The club posted a tweet on Wednesday, showcasing the diminutive star's dribbling ability, particularly his nutmegging. 

And as brilliant as the video was, the caption was even, well... brilliant-er.

"Although now we may be able to use up to #280characters, we still only need five to express the essence of football: MESSI," it read.

Check the video out below.

Genius, that. But it's cocky enough to make Messi himself blush as he is known to be quite the humble chap. We do suspect a certain Cristiano Ronaldo would have no problems if Real Madrid sounded him out in similar fashion.

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