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November 10, 2017

Chelsea legend Frank Lampard has urged Antonio Conte to stay at the club long-term following speculation that a return to Italy at the end of the season is likely. 

With the manager reportedly missing Italy, consistently referring to it as 'home', speculation continues to linger - especially with Vincenzo Montella's position at AC Milan hanging in the balance. 

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Conte found himself under pressure recently with losses to Crystal Palace and Roma alike, leading to the media questioning the situation at the club. Something that Lampard completely disagrees with, speaking to Omnisport and quoted by the Standard, he said: “Unfortunately in the Premier League, if you don’t win every game, people start talking about your job. 

“But I think with Conte, everyone close to Chelsea knows what a great manager he is and I hope he stays and I think he’ll be more successful.” 

Lampard also credited the position in which Conte inherited the club - the classical Mourinho aftermath, a place where confidence is sparse.  

“It was a difficult period for the club" said Lampard, “We don’t come 10th, it doesn’t happen normally. To change that around, with pretty much the same group of players that shows what a great manager he is. Great tactically, great with the players, the players work very hard together.”

It seems ridiculous that a manager that has won the league can have their position questioned the very next season - but this is becoming common practice in the Premier League, with ex-Leicester manager Claudio Ranieri sacked last season.


Conte's three at the back proved to be revolutionary in the Premier League, and Lampard credited the Italian's tactics as the main factor in their triumph. “Last season they won the league very comfortably, because of Conte’s management, I think to a big degree. So we’re very early in the season now.” 

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