By 90Min
November 13, 2017

With the newest instalment of FIFA being out for a few months now, a few sneaky tips and tricks have been appearing on YouTube.

From how to strike the perfect free-kick to which players will make life unbearable for your opposition, there's always something new for avid players to discover, helping them get the edge on the competition.

However, perhaps the most devious and impressive trick to be shown off yet is how to score directly from a corner kick, every single time.

YouTube gamer ZanOMG was the first to find the trick and since uploading his tutorial, the video has picked up over 370,000 views.

As shown in the video it's not a trick any player in the game can pull off, you need to use one with a significant 'curve' rating and someone who will be taking in-swinging corners.

From there the aiming cursor needs to be placed a few yards behind the back post, directly on the byline, and the power bar needs to charged to the maximum four bars to ensure a strong, driven delivery.

The tricky part comes when applying the curve to the ball by using the left analogue stick to direct the ball towards the goal. After some trial and error and plenty of practice, you should be able to bag absolute screamers straight from corner kicks every single time, undoubtedly infuriating your opponent.

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