By 90Min
November 18, 2017

Manchester United have had their away kit for the 2018/19 season leaked online - and despite its eye-catching colour potentially splitting fans' opinion, the story behind this kit is one for the football purists.

The pink away kit, which has been leaked on social media, is said to be in honour of the old football section of the Manchester Evening News, which used to be printed on pink paper, according to the Sun.

Before the days of Twitter, a Saturday sports paper would often be nicknamed by the colour of the paper it was printed on. 

As sports news sections were very rarely printed on white paper, names like the "sports pink" and the "green 'un" were common abbreviations of local football news.

Although the story behind United's leaked kit could be a good one, it is already a hot topic for debate on social media between fans.

No matter what side of the fence you sit on, be that "this kit is awesome" or "is it too late to be a City fan?", the local story behind the kit is a great thing for Manchester United to base a design off.

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