By 90Min
November 18, 2017

With dead-ball situations on FIFA sometimes feeling as though you need supernatural abilities to master the skill, it is completely okay if you struggle as your free-kick game is about to improve ten-fold in the space of just seven minutes.

YouTuber InceptionXx has kindly offered their advice as to how you can nail a free-kick on FIFA 18 by utilising a well-known method more effectively to boost your conversion rate in the video below - he scored from two in just one game if you needed any convincing..

The tactic is not to shoot directly at goal from the free-kick but rather bamboozle the opposition's defence with a nifty passing routine around the edge of the box, meaning you'll have to be in the final third to pull off this move. 

To create the goal scoring opportunity you'll need to ensure you bring both your second and third players to the ball, alongside your designated free-kick taker (using R1 and L2 for PlayStation and RB and LT for Xbox). 

What comes next requires a slight show of finesse as you have to perform a standard fake-shot with the free-kick taker, which InceptionXx explains the trick is sliding from one button to another as quick as possible ('B' to 'A' on Xbox and circle to square on PlayStation). 

Immediately following this action comes the most crucial part to the free-kick, as the success hinges on ensuring you aim a pass to your teammate just as the taker is over halfway to striking the ball - if your timing and direction are off you could find your player in an offside position. 

If you are successful at this point all that is needed is to finish the move by putting the ball past the keeper.

You are unlikely to master the move first-time, but keep at it and you'll quickly replicate goals like Northampton's Jon-Joe O'Toole against Luton in 2015 (a must see) and become a free-kick taker to be feared, there's hope for us all yet thanks to InceptionXx. 

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