By 90Min
November 19, 2017

Arsenal hit back at Daily Mail journalist Adam Crafton on Twitter after he revealed a combined North London derby XI consisting solely of Tottenham players.

His suggestion that Spurs were vastly superior to their rivals didn't go down well at the Emirates. Arsenal were deserved 2-0 winners on Saturday thanks to goals from Shkodran Mustafi and Alexis Sanchez.

And after the game, the Gunners' official Twitter account made sure to respond to Crafton with a GIF of standout performer Mesut Ozil drinking a cup of tea.

“It’s a Spurs full house," Crafton had explained. "I was not intending to be incendiary when I started noting down this line-up but in each position I found my gut instinct leaning towards a more vibrant and exciting Tottenham player."

Arsenal's response was well-received by most fans, and even Crafton himself admitted he was amused by it. But he later took to Twitter to complain of abuse following the result.

"Re this: I picked a team. Arsenal won. I look a bit silly," he wrote. "Congrats to Arsenal. But since they tweeted it to 12m people, I've had all-day harassment on here, including anti-Semitic, homophobic abuse & people wishing me dead. I can handle it but would not advise clubs repeat this.

"I actually found it funny when I first saw the message and I don't think they intended any harm, but as day's gone on, thought it worth flagging that it may not be brightest thing for club accounts to do."

His comments have led to an ongoing social media debate as to the legitimacy of his complaints and the integrity of his employers.

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