By 90Min
November 19, 2017

Admittedly, Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo isn't known for the defensive side of his game, but an astonishing statistic has arisen which certainly doesn't cover him in any glory.

The 32-year-old has endured a poor start to the new campaign following his late start after seeing red against Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup. He has hit just one goal in La Liga and four in the Champions League.


He is under scrutiny for the usually dependable goalscoring side of his game, but what he should be receiving flak for is the fact that Ronaldo has managed a grand total of zero tackles and zero interceptions, as highlighted by a Reddit thread from Celts67. 

He's one of only six out of 267 players in the league with such a stat - damningly, four of those six are goalkeepers, and the other outfielder hasn't started a single match.

As mentioned before, Ronaldo isn't known for the defensive side of his game, but to have made not a single defensive contribution across eight games, is frankly atrocious. Especially when things are not going for you in other areas of your game. Surely you compensate and work hard elsewhere?

It suggests Ronaldo to be one of the worst performing players in La Liga so far this season, which is something absolutely nobody would have prepared themselves for.

He is essentially a passenger for Los Blancos at the moment, contributing nothing to the team's cause at either end of the field.

Reports have suggested that the star isn't entirely happy with life at the Bernabeu at the moment. 

He is supposedly at loggerheads with Sergio Ramos and was disappointed with the club's recent transfers, which could be a reason for his laziness and prima donner shirking of responsibility.

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