By 90Min
November 20, 2017

Victor Lindelof gifted Newcastle an early goal when he slipped on the Old Trafford pitch on Saturday. But luckily for him, his Manchester United teammates were able to put four goals past the Magpies to claim a 4-1 win.

Of course he was always going to find a few trolls on his back, but he probably wasn't expecting his girlfriend, Maja Nilsson, to be one of them.

Fortunately, she steered clear of poking fun at her man's performance, but did assign appliance shopping duties to him, possibly suggesting that he doesn't get much done around the house.

"We’re going to buy an electric mixer?" she tweeted. "Yes Darling, you buy it so we can determine that you always whisk from now on."

This wasn't the first time Maja exposed her man on social media. Last month, she tweeted a photo of a mattress gaffe he made when he purchased the wrong size.

The tweet read: “Victor’s area of responsibility was the new mattresses in the bedrooms. Today came the delivery.”

Sort yourself out Victor!

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