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November 22, 2017

Everton youngster Mason Holgate has revealed that he continually looks to seek out advice from his more experienced teammates.

The 21-year-old defender has impressed as a versatile option at the back for the Toffees this season, playing as both a full-back and a centre-back.

And Holgate has stressed the importance of learning from the senior members of Everton's defence.

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“When I am playing at full-back I will try to understand the role a lot more, so I will go and speak to Leighton,” he told Everton's official website: “He helps me out a lot.

“And when I am at centre-back, I speak to Ash and Jags, and they can pass on their advice having played so many games there.

“When you have players like that around you, it is best as a young person to go and speak to them… that is the best thing to do. And having people like that playing alongside you makes it a lot easier on the pitch, because they are talking you through the game. 

“You know that is coming from their experience, so when they tell you to do something, you want to do it. It opens your eyes, and the next time you can see it yourself. It is a great thing to have.”

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Holgate has played as a centre-back in difficult tests against Bournemouth and Lyon this season, but he has insisted that the experiences were valuable in his development.

"I like to step in, make interceptions, get on the ball and try to play out from the back,” he added. “That is the way I have been coached growing up and it is my style of play.

“It (playing centre-half) has been a test but when you play first-team football at this level you expect that.“I think with a run of games I would settle into it comfortably and do okay.”

Holgate's devotion to improvement is clear from his insatiable appetite for watching football: “I have always watched a lot of football and still do now," he said. “I look at people in my position, and have always studied players in similar positions to me. I try to pick up and learn things from them.

“Whichever game is on, I will watch what the players in my position do – see the good things, and also pick out what I think has not worked, then apply that information myself."

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