By 90Min
November 24, 2017

Bayern Munich are facing UEFA disciplinary proceedings over their fans in-game protest at a rise in the price of Champions League tickets on Wednesday night. 

The Bundesliga giants travelled to Belgium for their group stage match against Anderlecht. 

Despite the Germans' win by 2-1, fans were all but happy about the cost of tickets and made it more than clear by holding banners that read: "Is your greed now finally satisfied?". 

UEFA's announcement charges Bayern on two different offences: an 'illicit banner' and the 'throwing of objects', with a view to dealing with the case on December 7. 

According to the Daily Mail, a group of Bayern Munich fans named 'Club Nr.12' issued a statement on Wednesday night claiming that 85% of the tickets available for Bayern Munich fans were priced at €100. 

They further thanked their club for supplementing a limited number of tickets worth €70, which allowed some less fortunate supporters to go to Belgium. 

The statement also said: "Even by the standards of the generally high-priced Champions League, this represents a new dimension for a first-round game." 

The vast majority of the members of 'Club Nr.12' also expressed their concerns regarding the prices in a survey, as several fans were forced to remain in Germany. 

Anderlecht's spokesman David Steegen replied to the claims by saying that the costs of the tickets were the same for both the hosts and the guests.

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