FIFA 18 Player Miraculously Finds Real Madrid Star Cristiano Ronaldo in Silver 5K Ultimate Team Pack

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A FIFA 18 player has struck gold in a silver pack, somehow managing to find Real Madrid legend Cristiano Ronaldo in a 5k pack. It is rare for a gamer to find a player rated about 87 in pack below the rank of gold, but a mystery player appears to have pulled off the impossible and landed arguably the best player in the world for their side.

YouTuber MattHDGamer posted a video of the stunning discovery, which saw the lucky gamer scoop the 94 rated ace for a fraction of the cost he would usually command.

FIFA 18 has come under increased criticism of late, with the game's strong emphasis on in-game purchases causing a great deal of anguish among fans of the popular football franchise. Black Friday saw a wide scale boycott of the game, as a number of fans formed a campaign to rally against the increased pressure to spend further money in order to unlock rewards.

The lucky recipient of Ronaldo will now have the option of using the top-rated player to take their team onto glory, or cash-in on the superstar and build a squad of formidable talent.