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November 25, 2017

Huddersfield Town defender Mathias Jørgensen has proudly announced that he will be wearing rainbow laces against Manchester City this weekend, to show his support for the Stonewall campaign. 

The Rainbow Laces campaign will see all Premier League club captains wear a rainbow armband this weekend, and a number of players will also don the celebratory laces.

Bryn Lennon/GettyImages

In an interview with the club's official website, Jørgensen explained why he's backing the laces campaign this weekend, and expressed how important the cause is to him, Jørgensen said:

"I think it’s pretty straight forward. I believe that football is for everyone and I’m against every form of discrimination; it’s as simple as that. The LGBT community is a big part of society and should be a big part of football as well.”

The anti-homophobia campaign has been hailed as a positive step forward for the sport, where gay players are still afraid to express their sexuality should they be unfairly judged or abused by the fans. Most Premier League clubs have changed their social media account avatars to rainbow patterns this week, in an important show of solidarity towards to the LGBT community.

Premier League pitches will sport rainbow patterned flags this weekend, as the drive to eradicate homophobia from the game continues to make strong progress. Ruth Hunt, the CEO of Stonewall, spoke to the Guardian on the importance of the campaign:

"It’s shows that people understand that creating inclusive sporting environments is everyone’s responsibility and that making sport everyone’s game can’t rest on the shoulders of LGBT people alone. Putting on a pair of laces may seem like a small act, but for someone who is LGBT it is a powerful sign of acceptance.”

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