Piers Morgan Gets in Heated Twitter Argument With Fake Kolo Toure Account Then Apologises to Yaya

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Twitter over the years has provided us with both tasty and hilarious arguments in the world of football since its inception over a decade ago. 

Names such as Jamie Carragher and Mario Balotelli, Joey Barton and Dieter Hamann and, of course, Stan Collymore and Joleon Lescott have all used the social media platform to get one up on each other in the past. 

However, a new conflict has recently formed, with well-recognised Arsenal fan Piers Morgan and former Gunners defender Kolo Toure the pairing in question, or so it seemed. 

The spat came about rather strangely following a James Blunt tweet, after the singer had called out Morgan for previously posting fake 'Iraqi torture pictures' following the journalist's dig at Olly Murs on Friday.

But before 'Toure' got involved, it was Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos which provoked an angry response from the television presenter, liking Blunt's reply to which the journalist replied: "You stay out of this @ToniKroos, if you know what’s good for you."

Then came 'the former Arsenal, Manchester City, Liverpool and Celtic centre-back's' inclusion, with a simple statement in his attempt to mute Morgan, something I am sure we would all like to do. 

Think that sums is up nicely. 

As you would expect, the TV presenter was not too keen on the comment, and eventually fought back stating: "Mate, it's this kind of dismal defending that forced you into retirement. Ssshhh." 

But, there was an ever bigger sting in the tail for Morgan, who later found out that the 'Toure' he was holding angry exchanges with was in fact not the actual defender, but a fellow Twitter user posing as the Ivory Coast assistant manager. 

Even still, he then realised that the ex-player does not even hold an account on the social media platform, and reached out to his brother, Yaya, to apologise. 

I am sure Morgan has had better Sunday mornings.