Juventus Defender Giorgio Chiellini Claims Bianconeri Don't Fear Napoli Ahead of Friday Night Clash

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Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini has reassured fans that he will be among the starting XI on Friday night as the Bianconeri take on Napoli. 

The veteran went through a tough couple of weeks after Italy were eliminated from the World Cup and Juventus lost a key away game to Sampdoria, but has said to be ready to return at the top of his form. 

He told in a recent interview (via Gazzetta dello Sport): "Thinking that we won't suffer on Friday would be dull, and we aren't. We will need a strong sense of sacrifice to contrast Napoli's greatest champions: we don't fear them but we respect them.

"They have a few lacks and we need to make the best out of them. The only different thing from the past encounters is that we have always been in front of Napoli in the league table, apart from a couple of occasions."


He concluded: "If I could choose one of their players to take away from Sarri that would be Lorenzo Insigne. I've known him for a long time and he has great qualities."

There will be a lot of pressure on both clubs to put in their best performances of the season, but Chiellini and teammates claim to be used to it. "We have lost a few points down the road, but Napoli are actually the ones who are doing something incredible this year. 


"We are not touched by critics nor by those who compliment Napoli. We care about reaching the end and winning, it's almost an obligation - what happens in the middle is easily forgettable."

The Bianconeri were handed just another injury blow after Gonzalo Higuain broke his hand in training and sustained surgery on Tuesday. 

Although the operation was successful and the recovery should not take long, the Old Lady may have to sideline him for the game. 

"He is feeling better," Chiellini said. "These are complicated situations, but he will do his best to be there.

"He values this match a lot. We will see in the next few days if he will be able to come."