Torino to Wear Chapecoense Green to Honour Victims of Tragic Plane Crash

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Sometimes humanity transcends the game of football. Sometimes uniting a community is more important than deciding who wins or loses. On November 29th last year, a plane carrying the Chapecoense team to the final of the Copa Sudamericana crashed in Medellin, Colombia, killing almost all of its members on board. A year on from that tragic incident and football has not forgotten. 

This weekend, Italian side Torino will wear Chapecoense’s green shirts in this weekend's Serie A clash with Atalanta, to mark the one-year anniversary of the plane crash. The plane crash is something that hits home to the Italian side, who suffered a similar crash on May 4th, 1949. 


The incident was called 'The tragedy of Superga', and it claimed the lives of 31 people on board, including the Torino side that had won five straight league titles.

Torino, who usually don the colours of maroon, will sport a green version of their shirt, paying great respect the Brazilian team that wore the shade of green. The Serie A side will also sell 1500 of the shirts in their store, with the share of the proceeds going towards families of the victims of the crash.

When Torino meet Atalanta over the weekend, the game will mean much more than just a battle for three points. Win, lose or draw, humanity will win in the end.