Firmino's Selflessness Proves He's the Ultimate Team Player as Leak Reveals Huge Goalscoring Bonus

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Liverpool star Roberto Firmino was praised after his selfless restraint allowed Sadio Mane to score against Stoke on Wednesday, and it has now come to light that he's really bucking the trend of so-called 'greedy' footballers.

Mane finished with a chip to give the Reds the lead at the Bet365 Stadium on Wednesday. However, as the ball trickled towards the goal line, Firmino followed in at pace and looked like he was going to tap it, only to resist temptation at the last second so as not to risk offside.


The former Hoffenheim star was actually onside, and it wouldn't have mattered if he had tapped it in, but his team ethic kicked in and allowed Mane to score his first Premier League goal since game week three against Arsenal.

It has now come to light, courtesy of Football Leaks: The Dirty Business of Football, that Firmino's actions actually cost him a whopping £45,000.

Via the Mirror, the Brazil star earns a basic wage of £68,000 at Anfield, but raked in £25,000 for each of his first five goals this season, and his bonus then goes up to £45,000 per goal between six and 10. 

Currently on nine for the season, it meant that Firmino forfeited another £45,000 just to ensure a goal for his team.

It would have meant that Firmino would have been just one goal away from earning £65,000-a-goal, which is what he's in line to earn from 11 strikes onwards.