90min Exclusive: Guillem Balagué Rejects Claims His New Book Is Affecting Spurs' Recent Form

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Guillem Balagué has dismissed claims that his new book has affected Tottenham's form, as Pochettino's side have dropped down to seventh since it's release back in October. 

Despite beating and drawing Real Madrid in that time, Spurs have dropped off and have performed poorly in a number of Premier League matches, including failing to impress during their north London derby defeat. 


And although they are currently going through a rough patch, Balagué doesn't believe that his book release, which is centred around Pochettino's time at Spurs, is the cause of their current downfall. 

Speaking exclusively to 90min, Balagué said: "Are they progressing? Are the players progressing? Are people enjoying it? Is there a path? And the answer to all of that is yes. To blame a book for results shows the superficial mentality of media, but I cannot imagine Spurs fans thinking that.

"But also, they forgot to mention that they beat Real Madrid, they drew against Real Madrid. It's ridiculous because this is just a drop in the ocean of what has happened [during Pochettino's time at Spurs].

"It's a Daniel Levy project of course, but is it also a Daniel Levy-Pochettino project. They developed a relationship from when they started. As long as the ambition of the club matches his ambition, and he's very ambitious, he wants to win and he wants to win with Spurs right now, then he'll be around."

Spurs are currently 16 points behind table toppers Manchester City, who have enjoyed a wonderful start to the season. Manager Pep Guardiola endured a difficult first year in charge, but this time round he seems to have cracked the system as his side look like running away with the league title. 

As they sit eight points clear having scored 44 goals already, it's hard to see who might catch the Citizens. Spurs looked like title contenders early on but now find themselves closer to the bottom of the table than the top - a stat which will worry fans. 

However, with both bosses adopting a similar managerial style, Balagué insists that we must enjoy having the pair, as well as a host of other foreign coaches, in the Premier League. 

"First thing, what a privilege it is if you're a British coach to actually have them [Pep and Pochettino], and Klopp, Conte, Wenger, Mourinho and Silva in the Premier League, finding solutions to the problems. What a privilege it is to have those guys, and now you don't even have to travel [to see them].

"But those two, in particular, have got a brand of football that is similar in what they're trying to portray. They are taking football where it is going, which is flexible football.

"They are both at the peak of their powers, they are burning themselves down to the ground and I have no doubt they are giving absolutely everything down to their professions, which affects their social life, their families and all those things.

"If you watch the era of Ronaldo and Messi for a while, that's fading out and maybe it's now the era of coaches. How these guys manage to get the best out of their teams is fascinating to follow."