By 90Min
December 02, 2017

Colombia and Bayern Munich midfielder James Rodriguez has revealed that he could not remember what was happening in the Borussia Monchengladbach game at half-time after suffering a concussion.

Bayern Munich were defeated 2-1 by Monchengladbach, but Rodriguez was forced off at half time after colliding with Tony Jantschke. 

After the coming together, Bayern boss Jupp Heynckes decided to withdraw the midfielder as a precaution, which now appears to have been the correct decision given what happened at during the break.

In an interview with Bundesliga the Colombian said: "It is true that I arrived at the locker room at halftime and asked how the game was going. They told me: 'We are losing 2 to 0' And I asked them: 'Really? When did this happen?' 

"It was all very strange, and only after 15 minutes did I begin to realise that our goalkeeper had almost stopped the penalty. But I still did not know when it had happened."

The 26-year-old went on to reassure fans that he is now fine. "Fortunately, it was nothing serious. Now I am fine, they did medical checkups and there's nothing to worry about."

In the interview Rodriguez also spoke about how impressed he has been with Bayern Munich as a club and his admiration for the fans.

"Bayern is a very big club. Here they are used to fighting titles, as I got used to in my previous team. I expected Bayern to be exactly like that, so nothing surprised me", the midfielder said. 

"Everyone in the club behaves at the height of what a great club is. I have nothing more to say. Bayern is 10 out of 10.


"People are much more respectful, not as fanatical as in other countries. When I go out, although people recognize me, they let me walk ... They keep distance. I can go for a coffee, relax ... It's a fantastic city, quiet. I'm falling in love with Munich."

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