Pep Guardiola Admits He 'Cannot Control' Outbursts as Concerns Over FA Charge Arises

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Pep Guardiola has admitted that his animated discussion with Nathan Redmond on Wednesday was similar to outbursts he had in Germany.

The former Bayern Munich manager said that he's had similar altercations in Munich and Dortmund, stating that he will explain what happened to the FA if questions are asked.

"I cannot control myself. Hopefully, I will improve," Guardiola said, as reported by the Mail Online. "I did it in Munich, with my old player Joshua Kimmich.

"I did the same in Dortmund and had regret there after the game and the same now. I said what I said and what Nathan said in his statement.

"I admire Redmond as a player and say thank you for his comments, but if the FA want my statement again I am able to explain whatever they want.


"I explained what happened. If people don't believe me, let's cancel our press conferences and just play the games."

Despite Raheem Sterling's 96th minute winner against Southampton, most of the post-match talk has been around what was said between Guardiola and Redmond. 

The Southampton winger took to Twitter to reveal what was said to him by City's manager, stating that Guardiola was telling Redmond to attack his team more in the same way he did last season.

The incident has left fans divided over whether Guardiola went too far. Although some have been praising the Spaniard for going over to Redmond and praising his qualities, others feel it is just a matter of time before the former Barcelona manager is punished for his actions.