By 90Min
December 02, 2017

Referees and other match officials are often criticised for mistakes that they make during matches, but few are ever publically recognised for getting things right.

There has been a slight sea of change in the latter of those in recent times thanks to social media, however, and one of England's finest refs was praised for his quick reactions during Wayne Rooney's outlandish third goal in Everton's 4-0 victory over West Ham on Wednesday.

Michael Oliver was the man in charge of the Toffees' thumping win over the Hammers, and he has been showered with praise - of the humorous variety - for somehow managing to evade Rooney's extraordinary shot from half way with some lightning-quick reflexes:

Image by Tom Power

Those are some ridiculous reaction moves from Oliver there! They seem almost Matrix-esque in nature - which is just as well as fans flocked to Twitter to hail the 32-year-old's rapid response to Rooney's shot flying his way:

When referees get in the way of shots and passes in-game they are rightly condemned for stopping attacking moves, so it's only fair that Oliver receives respect for managing to evade Rooney's sumptuous strike.

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