By 90Min
December 02, 2017

In a recent Q&A Stoke midfielder Xherdan Shaqiri said that Ryan Shawcross is the toughest defender that he has faced.

Speaking about the Stoke captain Shaqiri said: "I played against many difficult defenders. But I would say one of our defenders, Ryan Shawcross, he is very difficult to play against." 

Shaqiri also revealed that Frank Ribery is the best player he has played alongside, according to the Stoke Sentinel.

In addition, after recent results, the Swiss international explained that he is a happy person and that defeats do not weigh on his mind.

"I am always happy anyway. Even if we lose, I am a happy person. But of course you are disappointed straight after the game.

“I go home, relax and try to be with my family and go everything through my head, what I can do better in my game, then I close the game and go forward to the next game. The next day is a new day."

Jordan Mansfield/GettyImages

Shaqiri continued, saying: “I go out, have dinner with my friends, try to go away from football, but it is difficult in England. Everywhere you go, or you watch TV, it’s Sky Sports. And if Premier League is not playing, Championship is playing, or Champions League.

“I try sometimes to not watch a lot of TV, or to watch a film, or go out. I read about what’s happening around the world and I speak to my family every day and they tell me also some news.”

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