By 90Min
December 06, 2017

The UEFA Champions League anthem has got to be up there as one of the best opening numbers in any sport, hasn't it?

The blaring trumpets, the orchestral notes and infamous "The Champions!/Lasagna!" chant at the end - depending on your preference - have made it a truly stand out song.

Or it usually is when it's played before official matches take place. Which totally didn't happen at Old Trafford ahead of Manchester United's clash with CSKA Moscow on Tuesday night:


It must have been awkward to be a player or one of the match officials, standing there in silence as the music failed to ring out around United's home ground.

Still, if nothing else it gave something for some fans to complain about on Twitter:

Either United's surround sound system failed to kick in or someone's going to be up for the chop at UEFA's headquarters for not being able to press a button!

Let's hope that the issue is fixed for the last-16 tie that will be held at Old Trafford, otherwise we could have a repeat performance on our hands.

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