By 90Min
December 16, 2017

Free agent Luis 'Lucho' González has been accused of attempting to kill his wife, Andreia Marques, at their home in Curitiba, Brazil.

The 36-year-old, who is well known for his outstanding spells with FC Porto and Olympique Marseille, recently came out of a two-year stint with Brazilian side Atlético Paranaense.

"We talked and he shoved me several times, then threw me on the bed," Marques told reporters, as quoted by the Sun. "He grabbed my neck with both hands and shouted: 'I'm going to kill you!'

"He called our two young children into the bedroom and told them: 'Come and watch your crazy mum die.'

"He then cleared the house of all our jewellery and valuables, took all the money out of our bank accounts and blocked all my credit cards."


A police spokesman also confirmed that an investigation has been opened, while a court order has been issued that prevents González from seeing his children for three months.

"The victim and witnesses were interviewed by female officers," the spokesman said. "The wife had a physical check-up at the station, and we have already been in contact with the player's agents."

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