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December 19, 2017

When it was announced that Spurs were going to be playing their ‘home’ fixtures at Wembley for a season, many fans groaned at a season without a proper stadium of their own.

But those fans will be glad to hear that their brand spanking new stadium is nearing completion, as new photos from the club’s twitter account point out.

Mauricio Pochettino’s men have done a reasonable job at the home of football, but those around the club have made no secret of their excitement at returning home.

And as the new photos show, the building work is at a stage where you can get a good feel of what the finished product will look like.

Clive Rose/GettyImages

As reported by, 1,360 people are currently working on the site, with progression on the stadium certainly noticeable as the opening day edges ever closer.

The new south stand - which will hold 17,000 fans - is now joined to the east and west stands and quickly rising.

The club are installing ‘trees’ to support the behemoth stand, with each one weighing an impressive 262 tonnes and standing at 49 metres tall.

The ground is set to house 61,559, which will make it the largest club stadium in London.

The unfinished structure is already dominating the north London skyline, promising it be a worthy home a club that managed to decimate giants Real Madrid in this season’s Champions League.


The stadium, which will have an innovative retractable pitch, is over 50% complete, with work now beginning on the back of the ground.

Fans will enjoy a wealth of new features, included heated seats, seat-side USB ports, as well as a micro-brewery and an in-house bakery all on site.

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