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December 21, 2017

Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar has been ordered by a Brazilian court to pay a compensation fee to a private doctor who oversaw the birth of his premature son Davi Lucca six-years ago.

The former Barcelona star had his appeal denied by the court in Sao Paulo and his £3,399 (15,000 Brazilian Real) fine upheld, which will be received by Dr Herbert Kramer and his team.

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The judge ruled that Neymar and the child's mother Carolina Dantas had been aware of their responsibility to pay Dr Kramer's fee, as the delivery took place out of the subsidised medical care in the country, as per MARCA

The fee was to cover the services provided by Dr Kramer and his team as they travelled from Santos to Hospital Sao Luiz in Sao Paulo to help deliver Davi Lucca and provide extra care following his premature birth in 2011, which meant his private practice was close for a week. 

In the first hearing in 2016, Neymar had been ordered to pay £10,193 for the aforementioned services, which subsequently rose to £11,552 in the second hearing - although both figures were still said to be less than what the doctor originally quoted. 

Whilst the doctor justified the need for compensation for his additional services following the birth and the time he had to take away from his practice, Neymar was said to have argued that the invoice he received was not the same fee they had originally agreed.

Both Neymar and his father claimed the invoice continued to grow as a result of his celebrity profile rather than the medical work which took place.

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