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December 27, 2017

Back in the summer of 2002, legendary Brazil striker Ronaldo caused a huge debate among football fans over his ridiculously looking haircut during the World Cup.

The marksman's 'muff cut' appeared to give him special powers, however, as he fired home eight goals in the tournament - hosted by Japan and South Korea - to land the prestigious international trophy for a record fifth time for his homeland.

Hilariously enough, Brazil's newest hero Neymar recently told former Barcelona teammate Gerard Pique - in an interview with the Players' Tribune - that he then followed in his idol's footsteps by deciding to get the exact same haircut!


In the humorous exchange, Pique initially brings up the topic first by saying: "The haircut, no?"

What ensued was a funny back and forth between the pair as Pique tried to get to grips with Neymar having a cut like Ronaldo's!

Neymar: "Yeah…. Hahaha! The haircut of Ronaldo was good. I had it."

Paul Gilham/GettyImages

Pique: "Hahaha! You had that haircut?! Oh, man, I would love to see that. Do you have a photo?!"

Neymar: "No, I don’t have a photo. I’ll search. I’ll search for it. My mom has one for sure. But I had Ronaldo’s haircut.

"All of us, we were all looking like Ronaldo."

We don't know about you, but we'd pay good money to see an image too!

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