Outrageous Stat Shows Fine Margins Between Arsenal & Manchester Utd's Drastic Success Differences

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Thursday night saw Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger equal the total amount of Premier League games managed by former Manchester United boss sir Alex Ferguson - both having been in charge of a phenomenal 810 games each.

It's the stuff of legend, isn't it? 810 games in the Premier League is incredible enough as it is - but both managers have done it for one team each (of course, Ferguson for United, and Wenger for Arsenal).

But, as Wenger celebrated his latest milestone with a 3-2 victory over Crystal Palace, many were left wondering: how do their stats compare? 

So let's do some (not so) quick maths.

Alex Ferguson's reign at Old Trafford ended the Scotsman with a mightily impressive win rate of 65.2%; over the span of 27 years, that's phenomenal. 

That isn't of course, to put Arsene's puny 57.8% win rate into disrepute - it's still impressive; but it does go to show who the better manager has been. Or, at least, who had the better facilities or finances or any of that backroom stuff.


One more thing to draw on here that really does slap you in the face over seemingly fine margins between success and failure; the amount of titles won by each manager.

It's really quite incredible how only the difference of 60 wins (and yes of course the losses and draws, but the wins are the biggest factor here) can create an absolute chasm of difference in the amount of titles each manager took home.

60 wins was the difference between winning either three league titles, or 13. Utter madness.

Look, we can sit here and draw comparisons between the two men all day long, but the bottom line is that they're likely the only two managers that will ever manager this - so massive respect to both.