Man United Boss Jose Mourinho Denies 'Garbage' Rumors of Summer Exit

Amid a report that he could leave Manchester United as soon as the end of this season, Jose Mourinho has defiantly put those rumors to bed.
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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has responded to speculation suggesting he could quit the club at the end of the season, describing the rumors as 'garbage'.

A rumour started by the Daily Mail had earlier claimed that the United boss has become 'increasingly detached' and has been spending much more time in London, where his family is still based. The story had labeled his future a 'growing concern' for club staff.

Yet when met with the inevitable questions as he faced the media on Thursday afternoon ahead of the upcoming FA Cup clash with Derby County, Mourinho defiantly denied there being any truth.

"If you want to speak about some news, I say garbage! I don't find a better word to define the talk," the 54-year-old said on the subject.

"If you want to ask me directly if I see myself next season in Manchester United, I say I see myself [here] and, as I told you when I arrived, I am going to leave when the club wants me to leave because I have no intention to leave at all," he then clarified.

"My intention is to stay and to work and to improve and to bring the club to where the club belongs. I want to stay. I don't see any reason not to stay."

Mourinho further pointed out that he is only halfway through the second year of a three-year contract.

He commented: "My desire is to stay. It's just a question of the club, the owners, the board, Mr [Ed] Woodward, [and what] they all want, [if] they all are happy with my contribution and they want me to stay beyond the end of this contract."

Specifically addressing the part of the Mail's report which hinted at lessening interest in his role as United boss, seemingly indicated by more frequent trips 'home' to London, Mourinho suggested that is the most offensive part of the claims.

"I think the worst thing somebody can do to me is to put one inch of doubt in my professionalism, in my dedication to my club, to my job, to my players, to every detail related to my job," he stated.

"So, yes, the garbage news affected me just on this aspect but again I repeat, I am in the middle of my contract. If I am going to sign a new one or not, of course depends on the club. But my commitment with the club is total."