In the ad, an animated Donald Trump declares that the FA Cup has "no fake games," whatever that means. 

By Stanley Kay
January 05, 2018

Over the past couple years, have you ever considered the possibility that you might not have enough Donald Trump on your television screen?

If you are one of these people, I have some good news: British broadcaster BT Sport found a way to use President Trump to promote, of all things, the FA Cup.

Now, you might be wondering how Donald Trump relates to Saturday's clash between Nottingham Forest and Arsenal. Besides Piers Morgan and the fact that Trump once conducted the draw for the League Cup, there is no apparent connection. But for some reason, BT Sport decided to produce a commercial—which debuted last month—with an animated Donald Trump proclaiming (in a stilted imitation resembling Tim Kaine's) that the Emirates FA Cup has "no fake games." What would a fake game entail? I have no idea.

Recall that in November, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May publicly rebuked President Trump for retweeting anti-Muslim propaganda videos posted by the leader of a far-right British group.

If you weren't already sold on watching the FA Cup, I'm not entirely sure why an animated Donald Trump would convince you to watch Norwich City–Chelsea or Nottingham Forest–Arsenal this weekend. But, I suppose it's better than watching the news. 

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