By 90Min
January 05, 2018

Love FIFA career mode? then you need to use this little exploit.

There's a way you can get unlimited cash to spend in a single season. It's simple, proven to work and is therefore worth while if you're trying to earn quick promotion with the likes of Reading F.C.

To start, simply pick your team. You need to find a young player that isn't in your plans before hopping onto the 'edit player' section where you have access to his attributes.

Image by Jamie Watts

You can do this with most players but you're best off doing it with an average player so you see the real benefits. It also appears to work better with someone who hasn't recently joined the club.

Taking the position they play into account, edit their statistics but don't go overboard with it. For instance, should the player be a forward then increase just the attacking attributes to 99 but leave the others be.

Image by Jamie Watts

Other stats can be increased, but the trick is not to mess too much as the key feature is the potential of the player - that's what other clubs pay for.

There is no limit on how many players you can edit and for this reason you can essentially move as many players as you want in a single window for serious profit.

The vital step in setting up the process, is changing the player ratings prior to starting the career and then ensuring that the 'current customised' option is selected on career mode, rather than 'latest download.' Follow this and you wont even need to put the players on the transfer list to receive big money offers off the bat.

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