Real Madrid star Karim Benzema has been criticised after letting his children play with a tiger.

The Frenchman posted pictures on social media of his three-year-old daughter Melia, and seven-month-old son Ibrahim with the cub in their family home.

Animal lovers soon criticized the France international's behavior, with leading French animal rights champions Laurence Parisot saying asking Benzema to explain how he got hold of the cub, as reported by the Sun.

"Dear Benzema, can you explain where this baby tiger has come from?

"Where is its mother? What do you plan to do with it, and don't you think it would be happier in its natural habitat?"

Another sceptical onlooker was fuming at Benzema's actions, and even questioned the Frenchman's parenting ability.

"Why should an adult hold a baby tiger in his arms for a photo? That is not the way to raise it even if it's been abandoned by its mother.

"Let's help animals in their normal environment. Would you put a child in an enclosure filled with wild animals?"

Benzema hit back at the comment made by Ms Parisot, and claimed that the French animals rights champion should have done her research before making her comments.

"You should do your research before taking me to task based on insufficient information. You're just doing it to satisfy your personal ambitions."

This story seems to be just be a bit of a misunderstanding. The Real Madrid star is clearly very wealthy and therefore would have taken the best procedures possible to firstly ensure the safety of his children, and secondly the safety of the animal.

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Therefore, this whole incident has just been blown out of proportion by a French animals rights champion who really just had the best of intentions, but handled the situation poorly.