The image pictured a black child wearing a shirt with the phrase 'coolest monkey in the jungle' printed on the front.

By 90Min
January 09, 2018

Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku has weighed in on the debate regarding H&M's clothing advertisement, which has been slammed by many as racist. The clothing ad pictures a black child wearing a hooded jumper bearing the phrase 'coolest monkey in the jungle.'

Taking to his official Instagram account, the former Everton man uploaded an edited version of the original image, switching out the controversial phrase for 'Black is Beautiful'. Alongside the changed picture, Lukaku wrote a caption directed towards the child model, stating:

"You're prince soon to be a king. Don't let anybody tell you different...#blackexcellence".

The advertising campaign has seen the Swedish company in hot water, with Twitter going into meltdown over the misjudged picture. A number of famous stars have joined Lukaku in slamming the company, with musician The Weeknd ending all association with the company with whom he had previously sold his merchandise.

H&M have apologized for the disastrous decision, and have taken the picture down from their website and the clothing giants have also apologized for their actions.

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