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January 14, 2018

FIFA 18 has been out for near-enough four months now, so it will come as little surprise that people have managed to discover little loopholes and shortcuts to get ahead in the game.

Ultimate Team, though enjoyable, is a feature on FIFA in which your avid gamer can take surprisingly seriously, where a lot of time - and often money - can be spent to ensure that your team is the best on the market.

Image by Milo Radojevic

At times, it can be a long-winded and frustrating process, but thanks to YouTube, FIFA 18 fans now have a way to build up their team at an increased rate.

Reported by, the tutorial reveals an effective, albeit tedious, tactic of picking up thousands of coins and improving their squads in a much shorter space of time.

This year EA Sports released FUT Squad Battles, where you play matches for FIFA coins against the computer.

Now, the keener of FIFA gamer's have noticed a slight flaw in the computers approach to the game- where they’ve found a somewhat ‘glitch’ in getting its players sent off.

They’ve seen that often, when you have a number of bronze players in your team and attempt to shield the ball, the computer will commit a foul when attempting to win the tackle.

Additionally, when you play on the harder settings, the computers style of play becomes more aggressive, therefore leading to more fouls being committed.

As well as that, the harder difficulty you decide to play on, the more coins you earn from a victory!

Though it may seem a tiresome and a presumably less rewarding way of getting ahead in the game, with the amount of goals you’ll be able to score and the higher difficulty you are playing on, you will be able to earn coins much quicker than you think. 

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