WATCH: Jurgen Klopp Swears on Live TV Interview After Liverpool Beats Man City

Jurgen Klopp was clearly still feeling the joy after his Liverpool delivered Man City its first loss of the Premier League season.
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Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp was so clearly overjoyed by his sides win of Manchester City on Sunday that he forget were he was and the German ended up swearing live on air.

In one of the games of the season Liverpool beat City 4-3 at Anfield, ending the Citizens' 22-game unbeaten run in the league.

Speaking NBC, Klopp exclaimed live on air: "What the f**k was that!" and after his slip-up during the interview the German joked and claimed that he "thought in America it was O.K. (to swear)."

The Liverpool boss also spoke to BBC Sport, and when asked about whether his side should have defended better the German told the critics to "Blow up my boots!" 

Klopp then went on to state that instead of criticizing the performance that everyone should look at the game as a football fan and they should be amazed at what they witnessed.

“You can watch it as a manager or as a football fan and I prefer to do that – wow!

"What a game! Two teams, full throttle. This was a historical game you will talk about in 20 years because it looks like City will not lose another one this year.

“If you combine quality with attitude you see a game like this. I really loved it. You will find someone who wants to talk about defending, no clean sheet, but he can blow up my boots!”

The Liverpool manager also claimed that his side were helped by the incredible atmosphere that the Anfield created during the game. 

“The type of football we play you get chances and it’s up to the lads to stick them away. When we get the press right and we’re winning the ball back with the Anfield crowd urging us on, it really gets us going."

Liverpool now sit third after the impressive win, and with struggling Swansea City up next, the Reds will be looking for another win in the league at the Liberty Stadium on Monday night.