By 90Min
January 17, 2018

Bayern Munich attacker Franck Ribery has discussed the difficulties that his scar gave him whilst growing up in France - but admits that it helped to give him strength and character as a child.

The France international is known for being a lively character - much like the time he was caught untying referee Bibiana Steinhaus' laces in the middle of a match - but this joyful attitude to life only proves just how well he overcame his heartbreaking childhood suffering.

Having been abandoned by his biological parents, and left in a nunnery, Ribery was then involved in a horrific car crash that left him with over 100 stitches - all before he was even two-years-old. But having now discussed his early trauma, the Bayern favourite has claimed that these difficulties only made him stronger.

"The scar gave me the strength and character to overcome problems because when you are little and have that scar, it isn't easy to deal with it," he told Canal+ (via Marca)

"People would point at me, call me ugly and make fun of me. Wherever I went, people noticed my scar.

"There was criticism and looks from people. My family suffered but I never cried about it.

"I suffered because I was young and was bothered by the reactions but I never went to the corner to sulk or cry.

Going from that to a Ballon d'Or nominee truly is inspirational, and the now 34-year-old has an unspeakable amount of trophies and accolades sitting at home - something to be immensely proud of.

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