By 90Min
January 17, 2018

You've heard that hilarious Liverpool song that switches up the Archies' classic 'Sugar Sugar' into describing the devastating Liverpool attack, haven't you? Well it turns out that fella is gaining a bit of popularity.

In a weird kind of 'Irish Wealdstone Raider' kind of vibe, Richy Sheehy blew up on social media with the incredible song. Sheehy's character, 'Kevin Murphy (Cork's biggest Liverpool fan)' has now become so popular that Liverpool fans are requesting to meet him - which is pretty nuts.

"When I was talking to the club representative about the visit, I said I can't wait to meet the team, but she said 'they want selfies with you'," Sheehy told the Irish Examiner (via Independent Ireland).

Could you imagine it? The world's most expensive defender Virgil van Dijk, walking up to this little greasy haired and unshaven Irishman and asking for a selfie with him. Truly brilliant.

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"The video was meant as a joke. I constantly fire things out and see how they'll land. But the reaction to this has been insane."

The man appeared on Sky Sport's Soccer AM this weekend, promoting his song, and the chant could be heard during Liverpool's brilliant victory over Manchester City on Sunday evening. All in all, it seems to have been a pretty good week for the comedian/musician.

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